R.I.P to my LBD..

So last night I went out with my girls to our friend's going away gathering.
Finally had the opportunity to wear my lovely little black dress, that was a birthday gift from my best friend, Kasye.

Left the gathering around 12 or so to go to another party that was hosted by some Q's on campus. Apparently my roomate had a little too much to drink and ended up falling in the middle of the party. Thing is she bought me down with her!

I didn't even care that we fell, hell..it happens. BUT in the process my dress was ripped on the right side up my thigh!

..I mean, it can def be fixed, BUT I'm also growing everyday, so I guess i'll just have to retire my little piece of heart.

[sn: Kudos to the gym ;)..body is looking great]

-amber janiane ♥

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F. said...

finally a blog with some sense of critical thinking, that's like a breath of fresh air.

so, adding you to my friendlist, don't even think about changing! :)