Rihanna..yet again!

Little miss RihRih made the cover of GQ Magazine for Jan 2010.
Besides the fact that I don't like her, her photoshoot was H O T!
I even took the time to read the interview, which didn't change my view of her. Don't get me wrong, her swagg is def up there, it's just something about her that I just can't connect with.
Anywho, I just have one question..

when will this Chris Brown & Rihanna situation die DOWN?..

[More photos from the shoot;shot by Michael Thompson]
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[Click the T O P photo for the link to the interview]


F. said...

wow, this is pure sex, lol!
but hot it is indeed.

i read that stores refuse to sell chris brown's new album or something. so maybe there is some justice in the world.

FashionIsLove said...

lol! YES it is..but I'm digg'n it!