Today in my Social Aspects of clothing class we had a discussion about physical appearance, its variations and different factors effecting it. My professor showed us this video(below) and I was in pure shock.

The world of Photoshop has its ups and downs. However, in terms of deception, it is ridiculous. We are overwhelmed everyday with photos of celebrities, from the internet and magazines that society has labeled "beautiful" or "sexy".
The eventual image of beauty we are foolishly expected to believe, is one without a single defining quality about the entire body. A blank, painted stare; enough makeup to virtually mold an entirely new face, flawless muscle definition, not a single percent of body fat, and a gorgeous, tropical tan. (source) All of which the features are crafted, hours of hard work so that these women are "made" to be "beautiful" or constructed to look the way society expects her to look.

The media is able to skew our perception of beauty because we allow them to.. Beauty is natural and it is not only reflected by the physical appearance. It is a combination of both, physical and mental aspects of an individual. This has, is and will continue to hold truth. Just don't get so caught up in your favorite celebrities and wanting to be made into this "perfect being" (they don't exist).

Kid Cudi for COMPLEX magazine

Blazer by Band of Outsiders; Shirt by Cheap Monday; Tie byPaul Smith;
Belt and Pants by Diesel Black Gold; Shoes byGiorgio Armani; Fly Pin by Cast of Vices
Sunglasses by Karen Walker; Blazer by TOPMAN; Shirt byEndovanera; Jeans by Cheap Monday
Shirt by Armani Exchange; Belt by LAI; Pants by TOPMAN;


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Fashion's Night Out

Three of my favorite fab ladies..
Kelly Rowland, Angela Simmons and Vanessa Simmons pose with Giuseppe Zanotti at his store.


New merchandise from Angle7 Clothing!!

If you haven't already, make sure to check out the local designer tab for more information about the line.

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"Jadore" ladies raglan tee

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I've been extremely busy the past month & a half with NOVAFW blogging, work and now re-adjusting to this school schedule. But I'm back and I plan to make a few changes and definitely get back on track with my updates.

Since my Junior year started, I've been named Historian for Fashion Association and Fashion Intern for Angle7 clothing! :) This will be a busy year, however, I'm ready for it!

..Just wanted to keep you all updated, thanks for supporting me & my journey.

Amber Janiane

Designer Spotlight: Fhonia Ellis

I love finding new designers that are grinding to make a name for themselves in the fashion industry. There are so many, yet their inspirations, attention to detail, intricate designs and exactly how bad they want to be known is what set them apart from their competition.

I ran across this designer for the first time a few weeks ago, on one of my favorite fashion sites and fell in love with her designs. I did a little further research and decided to write a post on her and never got around to it. But because it's fate, I recieved a random email telling me about this HOT designer and it just so happen to be the SAME one I peeped for the first time a few weeks back.

Her passion began in high school, when she began making clothes for her friends. In efforts to pursue her dreams, she created her own line and it's coming along VERY well!

Fhonia, who started her "Rebirth" in 2007 is following the right path to becoming a known for creating "experiences and magic" with the garments she design.

She says her clothing line is for women and children that brings unique, style, and one of a kind designs. Her purpose is to formulate women and children to feel good about themselves and their appearance.
Fhonia Ellis is a name that you will never forget!!
Talented lady that turns clothing and art into magic!!! She is to be reckon with.
KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN, soon enough you'll be able to spot one of her creative designs!

CHECK OUT her website: