Fashion Feature: Qi'Anna Norman

The newest Fashion Feature goes to Qi'Anna Norman..

"I really can't describe it, im all over the place. i like some labels, im trendy, but i also like a good buy and I will die for a sale. when i buy an item, i think about all the ways i could possible wear it. I like to get a bang for my buck. i don't like have on or shop where everybody goes."

"..I'm a bag and jean fanatic, so as of now im going through a gucci phase and i love a rock & republic jean. everything else can be of normal spending but my bag and jean have to be legit.."

"Fashion to me means being yourself. wear what you want. some people might not understand your style but its YOUR style and they need to move out they way. "thats my runway ;)" be original and own it."

..and there you have it!


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your fashion features!

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Shanta said...

This blog is THE TRUTH!! I love the insight you give about fashion.
Shanta Newell