Nakimuli: America's Funky Sweetheart

I ran across a couple of dresses on various blog sites from the Nakimuli line, fell in love with them..did a little research and FINALLY found who's responsible for the attention grabbing creations.

Tennille, native Brooklyn Bombshell is designer and CEO of naKIMuli Inc. (an up & coming tasteful clothing line began in 2008) She is a very talented and an undeniably unique designer. Her style of dress, mixed prints and wimsicle designs definitely set her apart from other designers. Shoutout to the Black.Independent.Designer making her way to the top of th industry..

Tennille whose first was dance, taught herself how to sew back in 1999 and began to develop skill by making clothes for friends and family members. After graduating with a BA in dance, she decided to follow her heart with designing clothes and has been making moves ever since.

naKIMuli, her first line was soon created, followed by her 2nd line Shanae, which debuted in 2009. As of today she designs all of the clothes from both of her lines out of her home in Brooklyn, NY.
Tennille's mission she's currently accomplishing:

Clothing, both the classical and the innovative, is fueled by imagination. naKIMuli aims to go beyond the traditions of women's fashion and explore more of the imagination, what could be rather than what should be. The world we live in often dictates what we should wear and creates millions of it. We at naKIMuli want to create a fashion revolution: replace the cookie cutter model with one that embraces individuality, comfort, and fun. Become your own trendsetter.

Dream. Explore. Dare.

Check out more of her line & SHOP at: Nakimuli INC. or peep her Tumblr

(peep the dress to the right..I plan to be wearing that for my 21st :))

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