Giuseppes making their way around..

Giuseppe Zanotti

After we seen
Beyoncé rock them on stage during her performance at the Grammy's, Cassie made an appearance on the
red carpet of the 6th Annual Candies “Event to Prevent” a few weeks back and just recently Ciara was spotted wearing them at Katsuya on a dinner date..

Not exactly a fan of LOTS of embellishments, so the shoe isn't all that appealing to me. But it's Giuseppe and many of his shoes have that razzle dazzle incorporated into the design, which indeed makes them different!
What do you think?

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About Taiyon's Image said...

By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog. Your blog is great as well. Love it!!!!

Giuseppe Zanotti can do not wrong by me. Can you believe that Mr. Zanotti is an old head who djs non-stop.


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