So you THINK you can dress..?

Yesterday my roommate and I were sitting in the Webb (our student center on campus), she sat there texting while I did my usual.. looked around, observing everybody and what they were wearing. She told me that she never paid attention to what people wear as much as she do now, since meeting me.

Truth is-I really can’t help it; I like seeing people with their different styles, some decent, while others –not so much.

Anywho it was bought to my attention that a lot of people (at least in my neck of the woods) think that just because they wear name brand clothes, that automatically means they can dress. Well…WRONG! Name brand clothes don’t make you a better dresser then the next person who’s wearing clothes from the thrift store. It may mean you have money to spend-and that’s fine-but that’s just about it.

Everyone definitely has their own style, that’s what makes each person so unique, but monetary value has no part in taste. If we were talking about quality then that would be a different story, but we’re not so, I think that people who have that type of mind set has very little fashion sense.

I could go to the thrift store or a local boutique, leave with a few things-go home fix it up, step out and still look fashionably fly. Where you shop doesn’t determine your level of just gives us a better sense of your taste.


Dhalia said...

I agree... you said perfectly!!

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Froso said...

That was a really sad thing to hear.. Fashion world will surely miss that brilliant spirit.