A piece of fashion history died today

Alexander McQueen

This morning while walking to class I was looking through my tweets and one in particular caught my attention. Betsey Johnson had tweeted "RIP McQueen" and I was almost immediately in shock.

As you know I'm an intern for College Fashion and I just completed this week's write up for my Designer Spotlight series on McQueen late Monday night.

Alexander McQueen was found dead in his London home early today, Thursday February 11, 2010. In such a tragic situation, he will definitely be missed; his creative impact on the fashion industry was grand and someone of such caliber will be greatly missed.
For more information on his life and impact, you can check out my article to be posted tomorrow afternoon over at collegefashion.net


F (The Very Subjective) said...

this unfortunate event makes me feel like it is inappropriate to post or talk about anything else.

but I do believe that he wouldn't like if we'd be in mourning.

A'ra T. said...
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