Teen Vogue back on the tube!

After Lauren left The Hills, Teen Vogue has lost its spotlight on the show. Now I've read from different sources that Teen Vogue is dishing out its own TV Show. The idea was announced by Amy Astley a few months back. Ideas were just being thrown around, but apparently no final decision has been made. Hopefully it's better than The Hills,
although I loved the show.

...welp, either way I still can't wait!

p.s...Astley, One day..I'll have your job! ♥


Lisa said...

that would be a great show, although for some reason i have fallen in love with the hills and hate to admit lol

Katie said...

I was at Teen Vogue's annual Fashion University this year and the editors mentioned something about a television show in the works - I am really hoping it comes to life!

FashionIsLove said...

You're not the only one..I LOVE The Hills as well!

..and you were at Fashion University? NEAT!..I would love to have that opportunity.