Designer Spotlight: Nichole Williams

Angle7 is a new, innovative t-shirt line started by Nichole Williams. Ms. Williams is a graduate student at Old Dominion University who has high interests in Fashion.

Angle7 is rapidly taking over the 757 and with its distinct design, its hard to miss it. Angle7 stands for: Abstract, Notable, Genuine, Loyal, and Elite. The number 7 is linked to perfection and completion.

"Our focus is to provide modern apparel and accessories with a vintage edge for MEN and WOMEN, and position ourselves as one of the top fashion retail business serving this unique market."


If you're interested in having your very OWN, you can contact her through email--> @<-- on the pics to get to angle7 facebook page..

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"STyle WitH THe PErfect ANgle"


Anonymous said...

I may have to look into this! Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have seen these everywhere. Very fresh and I'm looking forward to more from this designer.

Anonymous said...

Wow... i really like these shirts. Women like her make me feel like i can be successful too!

Anonymous said...

she has a website