Nichole Williams: Angle7

Nichole Williams: ANGLE7

Angle 7 is a new retro clothing line inspired by abstract art with a unique edge that caters to the consumer who strives to be different. Nichole Williams, founder and CEO of Angle 7 is a recent graduate of Old Dominion University. I had the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her T-Shirt line- the past, present and what’s to come ahead.. Check it out!

What’s the inspiration behind your line?

Angle7 is mainly inspired by abstract art and lines with a vintage twist. Simple.... yet interesting! As the motto states, "Style with the perfect angle" is want I want customers to think when wearing my brand!

Why did you choose Angle7, and was it your first choice?

Although Angle7 was not my first choice, I ended up choosing that name in the end because I wanted to develop a brand name that had meaning. Coming up with a brand name was hard and I had to pray about it... after was almost instant! Angle7™ is an acronym that stands for: Abstract, Notable, Genuine, Loyal, and Elite. The number 7 is linked to perfection and completion. All of these words represent the brand and what we strive to be. I also wanted a name that was easy to remember! An important step to developing a great brand having a great name!

Who was responsible for designing the logo and how did it come about?

I, myself, drew the logo. I decided to keep it simple so it could be easily recognized. After drawing the logo, I sent it to a close and talented friend of mine (Nicole Miller) who happens to be an awesome graphic designer. After collaborating ideas on the different fonts, we finalized the logo. Keep an eye out for Nicole Miller, who is a 2009 graduate of VCU. Amazing young woman!

Do you plan to expand your line beyond just T-Shirts?

Definitely! I plan to expand Angle7 to offer a variety of apparel and accessories one day. Developing a company on your own is very time consuming and expensive, but I do eventually plan to expand. Stay tuned... ideas are already brewing!

What does fashion mean to you?

What does fashion mean to me...hmm....Fashion to me is all out being creative in every way. Self expression, originality, creativeness, and sway all come to mind when I think of describing fashion. Fashion means being able to set trends..being able to do the unthinkable...being YOU! I love fashion and though it may sound cliché, I truly have a passion for fashion! : )

How would you describe your style?

I always like to describe my style as 'visionary'. I like to not only have one style...but many!!

What matters to you most as a fashion designer?

As a fashion designer, the most important things to me other than keeping myself happy is customer satisfaction and making sure I stick to the core of what the company represents.

Who are some of your favorite designers? Do they inspire any of the designs in your line?

Jeffrey Campbell, Alexander McQueen, Diane Von Furstenberg are some of my favorite designers. They thing that they all have in common, which inspires me, is CREATIVITY! You never know what’s coming next and that itself inspires my line.

What advice would you give for any new designers, hoping to launch their own line?

Three words: GO FOR IT!! Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s not possible... because it is. The fashion industry is very cut throat and competitive, but don’t let it discourage you. Chase your dreams!! You also want to plan accordingly. Saving money and writing a business plan are vital to the success of your company! And let’s not forget... HARD WORK is key to keeping your head above water!!! : )

Here are a few of Nichole's newest designs..

Image of "#7" (pink) Angle7 Ladies Tee

Image of "VII" Angle7 Ladies Tee

Image of "#7" Angle7 Ladies Tee

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